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Toni's Tip For the Day
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It's Hot this Summer!
So as you Protect your skin
from the sun you need to
protect your hair as well.
Products with SPF 15 or higher
work best. I use Redken color
extend sun shield and Kendra's
platinum Hot Spray in my
Salon. There are some great
products out now for heat and
humidity such as S-Factor
Diamond Dreams Shampoo
and Conditioner. I also like Bed
Head's Some like it Hot
Shampoo and Conditioner, So
try them Out! And don't forget
to always use sunscreen on
your skin and hair.
1434 N.
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The Parlour Salon
Expressing a
Womans Natural
My Mission
Expressing a Womans beauty is what
I strive for daily. Your look often
determines the way you feel and your
hairstyle and condition is one of the most
vital components in your overall
I want to work closely with you to make
sure you look and feel your very best.
By getting to know you, your lifestyle
habits,and interests I can recommend a
look and a beauty regimen that will
perfectly suit your needs.
I am constantly continuing my
education in the beauty industry.
Healthy lifestyle changes, self motivating,
and self-improvements, not only benefits
me but my clients. I am passionate about
hair and the way it makes me feel and
even more passionate about the way it
makes my clients feel.